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Well hey. Hi. How are ya?

I anguished for a few days over what my very first blog post should be. I thought to myself, "Do I just jump in with technical hilarity and hijinx the first day? Or perhaps something a little more subtle, so as not to scare the faint of heart?" Then, a Eureeka! "How about less dramatics, ya donkey, and just do an introduction."

And here we are. My name is Mary - yes, I know that's also your mom's name, all the best people are named Mary - and I am just tickled to meet you. If you live in my neck of the woods, you likely know me as that constantly-sweaty instructor at the gym who has a maniacal grin smacked across her face at the worst moments. The one who gets a little too giddy at the prospect of a whole mess of burpees. A mere decade ago I had my first brush with the joy of physical exertion, and I was enamored. It was a Les Mills BodyCombat class at a local gym. Oh to just punch away the stress, what a feeling! I needed more. It wasn't long before I felt the call to bring this glorious pain to the masses. I started with BodyCombat, and with BodyPump not long after. But I couldn't stop there! I needed to know more. The science of movement, how our parts and pieces work together, I wanted this information in my brain. On to my Personal Training Certification.

Fast forward a few months later, I scored a great gig as the Practice Manager of a local GI clinic and Endoscopy Center. Part of this job entailed reinvigorating their physician-supported Weight Management Program. Score! To be successful in this dream job, I needed more education. I completed my Health Coach Certificate to give me the skills necessary to help folks meet their medically-indicated health goals. But alas, life had different plans.

This part of the origin story gets a little dark. Not Batman origin-story dark, but definitely on the way. A long, sad, happy, sad, sad, sad, then happy again story short- kid with cancer, a giant hole blown in life, chaos ensues. In the end, kid triumphs! (Yeah!) As it happens, I had two years with a lot -- a lot -- of free time spent sitting around a hospital. I spent that time stuffing this brain full of education: GFI, followed by Youth Fitness, and Sports Conditioning.

Once that battle was won, I had the bright idea to start my coaching outfit, MJPro Coaching. Giving personal training a go for a little while, in addition to teaching my regularly scheduled group-ex classes. My clients are great, I can scale in either direction with relative ease based on what is going on in my life. One-on-one is fun, but my real passion lies with group programs. I think it has something to do with my love of torturing a crowd.

Once COVID hit, it was time to broaden my horizons. You might be able to tell from above, but I'm a bit of an information hound. I like to have podcasts going in one ear while I go about my day. I'm also freakishly organized and just stuffed to the gills with good ideas for your business. Need a quick pivot in this COVID-era? I'm your gal. I came across a few ways to monetize my skills and voila! Here we are. But that's all "work Mary"...

Fun Mary is a tournament kayak angler, an avid outdoors-person, camping extraordinaire, and pursuer of shenanigans. I like to blast my EDM, folk, and grunge music while en route to whatever socially distant, outdoor activities I can drag my 3 badass mini-gremlins to. My partner and I have perfected the game of truck-Tetris that comes with our fishing and camping adventures. I am happy to share all of my "secrets of the squeeze," so definitely reach out before your next trip! What else-- I've lived on both coasts (shoutout Seattle, you will always have my heart!). I've driven across the country, alone, on more than one occasion. I am an eternal optimist, with a dash of salt. I have two main goals in life. The first is to always help wherever I am needed. The second is to raise a generation of well-adjusted, helpful, and loud girls ready to improve their communities.

Hopefully, this gives you a solid introduction to the gremlin on the other side of the screen. Now I want to hear more about you! Click the email link, say hi. Tell me about your hobbies. Talk to me about your business needs. Give me all your fishing secrets (jk, jk!).

Thanks for scrolling through:)


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