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The One in Which Transcription Helps Your Dreams Take Wing

I know you. Full of ideas, short on time. Doing great things, but geez Louise, great things require great feats of organization and toil. I want to relieve you of some of your burdens. Keep you freed up for your next big idea. Record that book you've been wanting to write, then send me the file and let me do the typing. Perhaps you've been really hitting your groove with your new podcast and need to expand your audience. I can subscribe to your feed, and lickety-split! Provide you with transcripts of your genius. You can use those files for anything! Blog updates for your website, social media content, and keeping your little slice of heaven at the top of the search results.

Maybe you are a teacher, wondering how to face a potentially virtual year ahead? I can turn your lectures into Word documents. You can turn them into learning aids! Youtube stars, you know what I'm going to say. You would love what a transcript can do for you.

So. Let's get started. Mash on that email button, send me your questions. We can discuss how transcription can make your life easier. Better yet, any number of virtual services I offer. Or maybe just drop me a line with the best dad-joke you've heard this week. So I can steal it.

I can make this quick and painless for you.(That's what she said!)

Nice to see you again!


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